Monday, January 4, 2010

Tall Headboards Galore

Ever since I laid eyes on the above bedroom, I haven't been able to get that headboard out of my head. This is from a Larry Laslo spread in Metropolitan Home that I came across a few months ago. It's not something that I'd usually be drawn to, but I love the natural green with the gilt surrounding each shape. It looks like a very beautiful piece of jewelry. Most beds have headboards but none as unusual as this one. I think that headboards really make a bed, and even make a bedroom in some cases. If you have one that is especially beautiful or tall like these, it can really become the focal point of the room.

Tom Scheerer designed this brownstone in Brooklyn. This one sort of plays with your eye and makes you see the wall first and the headboard contrasting against it. Those browns and blues are mesmerizing.

I actually did a little DIY project making a headboard out of three panels, much like the above with brown and white fabric. Mine are all going to be flush against each other though. This fabric is fun but the two panels almost separate the bed. From Living etc.

Tamara Mellon had a very beautiful and unique 18th Century tapestry so she used it as the headboard. Sometimes objects are meant to be hung up on the wall and displayed such as this one. She could have put it on the end of the bed or something but now it is functional and the focal point of this delicate bedroom.

Drake Designs. This is a really neat one; the upholstered headboard is part of a custom built in that reaches all the way to the ceiling.

Douglas Larson. In a mostly white room (with great painted floor boards), this exotic headboard sure stands it.

Headboards are everywhere. Some are short, some are wider than the bed itself, but some are super tall and command your attention. As you can see, they are not just your average headboards, these designers got creative. I'm going to be hanging my panels any day now, I'm just nervous about making them perfectly straight.

Stay tuned tomorrow I'm going to reveal my New Year's Resolutions as I've finally decided on one or two!

Alicia B.


April Force Pardoe said...

These are lovely and inspirational! Thanks for sharing.

Cristin said...

I agree, the first headboard looks like a piece of jewelry. It makes quite the focal point.

Lovely post!

cristin @ simplified bee

trendoffice said...

It is definitely an original approach, but the first headboard very much looks like pebbles falling over the heads of the people sleeping there.

Upholstery Portland said...

That first one is a very interesting one. I like how it looks kind of like water flowing over a riverbed of pebbles.