Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge 2010

After running into Eddie Ross yesterday, and meeting his partner Jaithan, I learned a little more about Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge. Three designers are competing against each other where they each design a window in Bloomingdale's for a specific person. WE all get to vote for the room we like the best! Here are the options:

Designed by Eileen Joyce for Bloomingdale's. "the Urbane Traveller." This one I'm finding quite tame.

By Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan for Apartment Therapy. "The Writer's Romantic Supper." I really like the portraits over the sofa and I feel like I could really relax with a book and a cocktail here.

And last but not least, but last because it's my favorite, Eddie Ross for Elle Decor. "The Modern Woman." I'm really drawn to the exciting mix of colors in this: the pop of turquoise in the lamp and throw on the chair, the orange in the artwork over the sofa, and the pink that is mixed into the throw pillows. It looks elegant yet relaxed and full of life.

To read more about these windows and the great inspiration and the intense competition AND to vote for your favorite click HERE. All of them look wonderful and like a lot of work but my vote is in for Eddie's for Elle Decor. GO VOTE because we only have until January 28th--but also tell me which one is your fave too!

Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

you are such a sweetheart! thank you so much for your post! xox

Cristin said...

I love Eddie's too!!! Get the vote out!


cheryl said...

Eddie has my vote too and interestingly just posted this on my blog and we seem to agree about the "tame" one too! Was fun to read your viewpoint!