Monday, January 25, 2010

A grey kind of day.

If you live in New York or anywhere else on the East coast right now, you know that today was a rainy dreary grey kind of day. When I was walking to work this morning, it wasn't raining on me as much as it was raining at me. Grey doesn't have to be all bad though, especially when it comes to interior design. Here are some grey rooms that feel more lovely than dreary.

I think we all know that this wall paper is out of this world beautiful. It only enhances the incredible architecture in the room: the fireplace, the dental work moldings. By Thad Hayes.
This bedroom by Alessandra Branca is black, white and grey. It's soft and so subtly beautiful it makes you think that grey is a bright color.

Of course I'm immediately drawn to the two anchors on the wall, which is a nice soft grey, but the more I look at this the more elements I love! How cute is the stack of books on the nightstand? And I love the structure of the bed frame against all the soft elements of the bed. By Susan Ferrier via HB.

Though I despise mirrored furniture, I find this room quite intriguing and warm. I think it's all about the textures: the matelasse quilt, the upholstered wall panels...and the hanging pear. By Celerie Kemble.

Isn't this bath by BNO just so beautiful? The hard marble looks so soft because of the grey and white veining throughout. Looks luxurious.

See how good things can come from a grey day? Especially a grey Monday. Grey is also a wonderful color for other colors to contrast against. You can put a nice turquoise accent in a grey corner and really make it pop. Or you can use grey as a nice enveloping color for a room. Also, no matter how grey it is outside it can always be sunny inside!

Alicia B.

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