Thursday, January 7, 2010

Turquoise, is it?

Since just about everyone has had a go at the fact that Pantone announced turquoise as THE color for 2010, I thought I'd go for it as well. I'm not usually one to jump on bandwagons right away, but this one I am completely on board with. I'm actually very excited to move on from the purple craze that happened. In any case, I like the turquoise. I find it lively, preppy, bright, and bold. There are lots of different ways you can go with turquoise--watery blue, greeny aqua, etc.

Bunny Williams is right on track with this gorgeous fresh classic chair from her Beeline Collection.

Amanda Nisbet adds some fresh watery turquoise in this dining room with the leather dining chairs.

I just love this abstract painting that really pops in an otherwise neutral dining room. The reflection of the turquoise-y blue on the table top is so fun. S. Russell Groves.

Fawn Galli works in a bright pop of turquoise with a very traditional sort of setting. I love it on top of that chinoiserie chest!

This bedroom by Christina Murphy is so right up my alley. Monogramming? Yes. Tufted bench with turquoise fabric? mmhmm. Soft blue wall color? Delightful.

I guess I'm really liking the blue tones to this color. The pop of freshness in color is just what we need in 2010, right? Well, whatever shade you go with turquoise it seems to be a hit. PS- Has anyone else noticed that this seems to coincide with the invention and boom of Twitter, and that Twitter's color is turquoise? Have I said too much? Strange...

Alicia B.


Lynn Byrne said...

Hi Alicia,
First let me say a thousand thank you's for having me on your blog roll. I would have you on mine if my wordpress theme worked well with blog rolls (but they look terrible).
Second, I am glad you told me about the Pantone color choice of turquoise. I mention you and link to your blog in my post on January 14 right in the lead paragraph. I haven't seen much turquoise yet, except in your blog, so my post is on the continued purple craze. Your readers might like to see some very current uses of purple on my blog, Decor Arts Now. Hope you like the post. All the best, Lynn

Alicia B. Designs said...

Hi Lynn, Thanks for reading! I can't wait to read your post today

have a great day!
Alicia B.