Monday, December 22, 2008

Alta Igloo Hotel

After my last post when I got overly excited about the snow, I started thinking about living in the snow, building snow forts, igloos etc. I found a hotel in Norway called the Alta Igloo Hotel and it's made entirely of snow and ice! The hotel apparently opens each year in January and then melts when it gets warmer in the spring. Check it out here:

Here is the entrance; the door made of reindeer fur. Hmmm.

The hotel has 30 rooms in it. This long corridor is so pretty and quiet looking with the small ice sconces. No ugly hotel carpeting here!

Life sized figures are placed throughout the hotel. I love the glassy looking ice chandelier hanging down into the middle of the room.

Here is the bar. You're def going to need to drink some mulled cider or something here to keep yourself warm. HERE is a Martha Stewart recipe for mulled cider. They only serve blue vodka here in ice cups.

The hotel has a chapel in it and is a sweet place for weddings, too! DESTINATION WEDDING!

Nothing like sitting in a chair made of ice with a reindeer pelt over it next to a fire.
Literally, nothing.

How pretty, yet spooky looking the ice looks lit up like that.


After reading on the website, this place seems quite fun. Be sure to wear a hat when you sleep, because reindeer pelts can only keep you so warm. They also take you snow mobiling, there is a sauna and a spa, and the restaurant serves local specialties (um reindeer burger?).

Alicia B.


Lauren said...

WOW. That's crazy. I wonder how much???

Robin said...

What happens when you have to use the loo? I'm thinking that is not a place where one wants to remove any clothing. Ever.

Alicia B Designs said...

Robin, good question! There is a separate building made of wood for the loos. Can't imagine a toilet made of ice...