Sunday, December 14, 2008

DIY Seat Cushion

Now that the semester is over I have TONS (a little) free time to do projects that I've been waiting to do for months. Today the project was to recover a seat cushion. My roommate and I found a pair of chairs at an antique fair--OKAY FINE we found them on the street, and fell in love but the fabric on the seat was horrid. We each found super cute fabric and made them our own. Check it out:
Here is the chair once we removed the screws from underneath and the seat part popped out. See how boring and ugly that fabric was? They def needed a make-over. That blue scrap is fabric that I was playing around with but eventually decided against it.

Here is the frame of the chair. It's in great condition and the caning is PERFECT!

After removing the ugly fabric, we put two layers of batting and then the fabric on top and took a staple gun and secured it on the bottom side all the way around. It's important to pull it very tight. My roommate (above) chose Amy Butler fabric, August Fields Coreopis Fields from
Then put the seat back on the chair and screw it back into the frame! YAY, now you have a fun fresh new side chair.

This is the fabric I chose. Isn't it fun? It was so fun to choose the fabric and to see what fabric my roommate chose. They're so different!

I'm so pleased with my fun red embroidered linen fabric! I think I might stain the chair a darker mahogany color but that's another project for another day.

Glamour Shot.

Next stop is throw pillows or some other fun sewing project! HERE is a helpful website explaining how to do the above project. It's honestly pretty easy and I didn't need to read up on how to do it. I'm that awesome.

Alicia B.


thevintagechair said...

sweet project! I just re-painted and covered my best friend's dining room chairs and was surprised at how easy it was. Yay for the end of the semester! I can breathe now, too!

Robin said...

Great upcycling ladies! and I love both fabrics (hmm... must be my gemini personality). I recovered my dining room chairs (with two toiles) myself, it was very satisfying and I'm still proud, 4 years later!

Lauren said...

Too cute!