Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Go Blue?

Ultra modern tub found at Trendir.

If you haven't heard yet, being "green" is out and being "blue" is in. Blue is the new green. Being BLUE is about water conservation. Apparently along with the world having bad air, we're losing water. HERE is the article. While you're busy feeling bad about the world, I have collected some pics of BLUE bathrooms to perk up the mood! What better place to have a lot of blue but the bathroom? A room that is centered around water and cleanliness and recharging yourself (take a bath) might as well be blue.

Kenneth Albert designed this amazing over the top blue tiled bathroom complete with mosaics of a fish and people! All that blue tile gives off the feeling of water.

One more reason to love Katie Ridder. This bathroom. And that light fixture. And the bouquet of contrasting orange flowers.

Drake Designs proves that you don't always have to use tiles for the blue. Jamie Drake chose dark blue Madagascar cloth on the walls which is so beautiful; picks up so much light and accentuates shadows too.

Another pic of the Drake Designs bathroom.

Patrick Gallagher designed this blue beauty (yeah I said it). I love the tiles that he chose and that they continue up into the shower.

This is pretty with simple blue accents; blue Moravian star and blue hand towel. I especially love the glass jug in the back.

Frank Roop designed this incredible little bathroom. He even used CAD to custom design this tiled mat below the tub. Impressive! The soft blue on the walls is called Borrowed Light by Farrow and Ball.

This tub looks uncomfortable but there is something about those unfinished wide planked floorboards that is so appealing. The pretty blue wall is gingham blue by Pratt & Lambert. I love the ladder as a towel rack too--so rustic.

I love how the blue frames out the rest of the space. The star lantern picks up some blue as well! I do not care for that rug however. From Domino.

I know this isn't all blue but I thought this shower curtain was so adorable/delicate/perfect that I couldn't resist. From Country Living.

Also from Country Living, isn't that a fabulous vintage claw foot tub? This whole bathroom is a tad bit forced vintage though. Sorry.

I think designing a bathroom would be so fun. It can be such a small space and you can really have some fun with it as it isn't a main space and wouldn't have too much effect on the whole of the house.

Alicia B.


Lauren said...

They're all so pretty. I agree with you on the forced vintage one. I think my favorite is the Country Living one with the blue shower curtain.

Red River Interiors: said...

Love your blue rooms & Congratulations on your Washington Post mention in Blog Watch today... Fay

Alicia B Blogs said...

Fay--Thanks! And thanks for telling me about the Washington post. I'm so excited!

Yo said...

Any idea where I can find a chandelier like the one in the 3rd pic down?

Alicia B. Designs said...



Try at Remains or Ann-Morris Antiques! Let me know what you find!