Monday, December 29, 2008


From House Beautiful Kitchen of the Month

Please forgive me for my self imposed break from blogging. I've been spending quality time with my sisters and parents and catching up with my old friends from high school. Really, it's been wonderful. Lots of time to relax, read, clean, and generally be me! I'll pretty much be back until New Years so I apologize for that in advance.

Isn't this breakfast room above so lovely looking? The gorgeous hardwood floors, the beautiful antique furniture and the fresh drapery in the windows. This breakfast room is in California and was designed by a fave of mine, Michael Smith. I especially love that this room is octagonal. Perfect symmetry is somewhat off-putting in a room, but this really works. Thoughts? Do I smell inspiration for a blog? I THINK SO!

Alicia B.


jessica said...

how lucky are your high school friends? um, the luckiest. can't wait for your return! see you after new years! xo

Susan said...

Gorgeous room. I might not have noticed the floors if you hadn't mentioned the octagon!

I tend to lean toward this is a perfect room for me!

I may need to go google the designer and see some more!

Things That Inspire said...

It's funny, just when a lot of people are taking a break, I always get very inspired to blog between Christmas and New Years! Hope you had a nice break, and I look forward to many great posts in 2009.

Things That said...

Here is another coincidence...I was cleaning up my design magazines, and decided to reread the beautiful issue of House Beautiful from June 2007, as I loved the cover so much. In this issue was Michael Smith's house, the very one you feature here! I love that room, with its 5 sets of French doors leading out to the patio. In my dream home I would prefer not to have a basement, and to have a flat walk out lot. Not too practical when you have kids (basements are great for that), but so much nicer.