Tuesday, December 23, 2008

HE'S BACK: Nathan Thomas Studios

Look whom I stumbled upon! Nathan Thomas, the winner of Top Design, the show that consumed my life for a few months. I think it's clear when I say that Nathan and Eddie were my two favorites from the show. Nathan had such an edgy yet sophisticated style--plus look how cute he is! He's worked for the best in interior design; Alexandra Champalimaud and Nathan Egan. He attended Pratt Design School; which is super encouragement for those of us going to school in hopes of becoming an interior designer too!

This is from when Nathan was on Top Design. It was one of my favorite things that he had done because it was so incredibly creative. The painting on the wall was made with paint dripped right from the can onto the canvas and he hung it horizontally. Then the chandelier was also made by him with paper plates! So amazing.

This is from an apartment he designed in Chelsea. This light fixture looks familiar, yes? Even in a different space, it looks incredible.

This is a salon that he designed in Brooklyn! It is so fun/creative/amazing looking.
The painting on the walls are so whimsical and then there is that giant wrench (Is that a wrench? I don't "do" tools) in the corner.

Read this adorable slash inspiring interview from The Denver Post. Also you MUST look at his website HERE. Congratulations again, Nathan!

Alicia B.

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