Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Red and Green and X MAS all over!

I just found out that I will in fact get Christmas Eve off from work so I am imposing myself on my family one day early! Now I can really feel Christmas coming! Not feeling the Christmas spirit? Don't celebrate Christmas? Well, here are some red and green rooms that you can enjoy all year round no matter what you celebrate. Yay!

Tomo Callahan designed this sweet study. I love the eclectic look of this room and the rolls of wallpaper off to the side make my wish that my stash wasn't hidden under my bed.

Mario Buatta's room in Kips Bay I believe from a few years ago. This is the perfect looking room for a holiday gathering. A tartan seat in the middle in front of the fireplace and dark green walls to ground the room.

Miles Redd uses many dark red accents here that do not clash with the pink wall! Crimson flowers, red and white throw pillows, sweet red pleated shades, etc.

How classic does this look? It's from House Beautiful 1943 and still looks perfect now in 2008!

I love the green moire silk on the walls of The Green Room in the White House (taken in 1968).

This is a red kitchen from Domino Mag. It's accented with greens (chair, green bowl, plants) and wood tones.

Bunny Williams designed this formal yet still country styled dining room with a rich muted green. I love the plates on the wall inside the wood paneling. A bit too 80's for me though.

Anne Miller designed this small sitting room. Somehow the red seems more inviting than bold and aggressive (we all know how I feel about red). I think it's the stripes. I really like the yellow accents on the chairs with this red.

A bright pear green Benjamin Moore paint is the backdrop for this sweet bedroom. I am super in love with those monogrammed sheets. They look vintage in such a mod sort of setting. From Domino Mag.

Sara Story's fun red bathroom with red and white tiling is quite festive! I especially love the round ball lantern hanging from skylight we can't see.

Kathy Abbott used a bright traditional green wall paper in this dining room. SO pretty.

I think my favorite is the red tartan (swoon) and green walls in Mario Buatta's room. Thoughts? What are your favorites?

Alicia B.


Susan said...

I like Mario's room best... I could curl up and read a book now! Very warm and inviting!

Lauren said...

My favorites are the bedroom with the pear green walls and Sara Story's red walls. Great post!!!

Robin said...

Anne Miller and Sara Story get my vote. That bathroom is divine.

Raina said...

Miles Redd, hands down. I love pink and red together.