Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Break From Squares: The Octagon

Remember this from yesterday? If not, you might want to read my blog more often.

As promised from my last post, here is a smattering of octagonal and one oval room. I love it as an architectural moment. For some reason I like it better than a circle; it's more organized and concrete as a shape. It's a sweet sort of room and can be used in a romantic sort of way; breakfast room, foyer, or sun room.

James Michael Howard designed this gorgeous foyer. I think my favorite thing about it is the floor. The light faded color wood in an octagonal pattern accents the shape of the room.

Okay, I know this isn't technically an octagon but it is an oval. It's interesting how the whole room seems to morph into that shape; the elongated sofa, the area rug, and also the floor. This house was designed by Robert A. M. Stern.

This is my original inspiration, the breakfast room by Michael Smith. I can't decide if I like the outside or the inside better. The terrace looks so relaxing and I love the classic shape of the space and the columns in between the french doors. So relaxing slash California.

This amazing kitchen is from 1986 in House Beautiful! The colors are a bit bright for our tastes these days but again, look at the floor patterns. This one is more like a simple wagon wheel pattern instead of the stylized parquet. I wonder how a round kitchen works as we rarely see them these days. Hmm.

J'adore this sherberty room by Gary McBournie. The paint is Benjamin Moore Florida Pink but I'd say that color would work anywhere (for me) especially in Boston or down south. I think I'm in love with this room; I can't stop looking at it.

As I am eternallly obsessed with lighting (something that has yet to be revealed here), I love the idea of putting a fun octagonal or hexagonal lantern in the center of the room to draw your eye up and to the center. I also love the idea architectural elements guiding your eye to see the shape of the room like parquet flooring, or exposed beams in the ceiling, or big bold mouldings. Does anybody have a room like this in their house? Lucky.

Alicia B.


Things That Inspire said...

That James Michael Howard room is actually the entry to the store Max & Co, which is owned by James and his wife Phoebe (also an interior designer). It is one of the best furniture stores in Atlanta, and everything is for sale off the floor. The architectural detail in the store is absolutely stunning...antique floors, gorgeous trim and molding, and beautiful details like this octagonal entry. I have another picture of this room on my post today, with the Suzanne Kasler quatrefoil chair.

Speaking of octagons, there was a house in Atlanta that was for sale for the longest time. It featured an octagonal living room, which the listing said was modeled after a room that Marie Antoinette loved (not sure which house of hers).

Alicia B Designs said...

I know, I love James Michael Howard and I'd love love love to visit their showroom one day. Everything looks incredible. I wish I could have seen that octagonal living room--sounds awesome. Do you still have the listing? It also reminds me of the tea room in Montecello.

Susan said...

The octagon room..I think I like the outside better.. I think

The sherbert room....yum. I could see that in central Georgia...yes I could!