Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gift Guide Number Two: UNDER $25

In honor of the fact that this is my 125th post, I shall share with you some great gift ideas for $25 or less! Also, I love shopping so it's just plain fun for me. Enjoi (as in joi in french which means joy).

I DIE over this Fleur de Lys tea cup and saucer from Anthropologie for $10.
This would be a perfect gift for me (ahem!). A pocket mirror and its own sack from Anthropologie for $14. You can have them in any letter, not just "A."

Remember what life was like before email and people wrote real letters? I love Crane's stationary and I write my sisters all the time using it! Get back to basics. THESE are $16 for a set of 10. Lots more to choose from on the Crane's website.

How can you not adore Simon Doonan? As Diane Von Furstenburg says. "Who better than Simon to write about glamour and eccentricity? He is both!!!!" This book from Amazon or your local independent bookstore for $24.00
When I have time I really want to make this gift from Martha Stewart. It's Sugar body scrub because I love sugar and I love exfoliating! Priceless.

Here are some fun folders for the person in your life who loves organization and loves to decorate! From this great site Spoon Sisters which has fun creative gifts like this one. $ 9.95

I love cook books dedicated specially to certain desserts like cupcakes or cookies or pies.
This one from Spoon Sisters for $ 15.95.

A bright idea? Wow, that was cheesy. This candle lightbulb from Spoon Sisters again for $25.00 Kind of a cute idea for your environmentally conscious friend.
Nobody likes a moisture ring on the table! They (I) do like these coasters, though. La Mer Coasters (set of 4) for $15 from Williams Sonoma.

Only FOURTEEN DAYS left until Christmas and TWELVE DAYS until the first day Chanukah!

Alicia B.


Lauren said...

LOVE those file folders!!! need them

Robin said...

I would eat the sugar scrub, it looks delicious.

Congrats on your mention in today's Washington Post "At Home" section under "Blog Watch" - they liked your Yellow post: