Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Striped Love

Okay, who is with me when I say that I'm super sick of the downtrodden mood that the "recession" has brought down on the world? I know we are all cutting corners and saving and that's REALLY GREAT. Really. But, it's the mood that goes along with it. Maybe it's the rain, or the fact that people have to "shop their closets" now but I say let's take that attitude and turn it around! Let's enjoy beauty in simple things. I chose the theme of stripes for today! Enjoi!

I know this isn't an overwhelming use of the stripe but it is accentuated by those cute little Gothic mouldings above it. LOVE IT. Robin Bell astounds me.

Markham Roberts used these stripes diagonally. How clever. This makes it super busy but using the colors that he did, it appears more subtle.

Eric Cohler designed this amazing horizontal striped shower. Is that an ipod I see on the right? Rad.

Uber glam Victoria Hagan used a tone-on-tone green stripe on the wall and then mirrored it in the fabric of the chair. Subtle and pretty. Love the nail head accents on the bedside table!

One of my fave designers, T. Keller Donovan used Jane Churchill fabric on these chairs. I love the wide stripe of alternating blues but I do NOT care for the flat screen t.v. above the fireplace. Woah.

Miles Redd designed this busy little room, but I feel like the stripes on the walls really ground the space very well.

Miles Redd uses a horizontal stripe which makes the space seem wider. I love this cute sitting room right off the water. Is that my little tug boat I see through the window?

Michael Whaley used these striped curtains to frame out the space in the transition from room to room. I love the colors he chose.

Designer Joseph Abbati used a painted stripe that continues from the wall and onto the floor. This looks uber vintage glam to me with the mirrored surfaces, the Phillipe Stark Ghost chair, and the overall graphic feeling of it.

Celerie Kemble. Again, in a small space stripes are used to create an illusion of more space. I love how she used vertical stripes on the wall and then placed the throw pillows so that the stripe was horizontal.

As beloved (by me) designer Barry Dixon says, "Wallpapering horizontal stripes on the ceiling of a long, narrow room can make it look dramatically wider."

I love stripes. I'm the type of person who had to be TOLD that horizontal stripes are not slimming. I took that advice slash comment and threw it out the window because with interiors it seems to do wonders for the space!

Alicia B.


disastress said...

one never wants a slim space! thank goodness for stripes! xo

Lauren said...

LOVE all the stripes! So much fun energy. I think it was a few House Beautiful issues ago that Stephen Drucker said that with the downturn in the economy we'd all be spending more time at home & now is the time to get home looking the way you've always wanted it to. I agree! (Great excuse to keep decorating!! :)

Alicia B Designs said...

that's what i've been saying with my co-workers! Fingers crossed you and Stephen Drucker are right. I knew I loved him.

Emily Amy Gallery said...

I love all the stripes as well...especially the Miles Redd room. Yummy. Oh, and I agree...it's time for everyone to spend more time at home and get to decorating or re-decorating! Don't forget the art!

My Notting Hill said...

Love this post on stripes! Thanks for including me on your blog list - I've added you to mine too.

Alicia B Designs said...

MNH thanks for adding me. I just love your blog!