Friday, December 12, 2008

Trimming the Tree Alicia B. Style

Martha Stewart tree.

Trimming the tree is one of my favorite things to prepare for Christmas. My sisters and I take turns putting up ornaments to make sure that everyone gets an equal amount (or someone ends up crying or hitting each other). It's like a storybook Christmas (It really is.) This year however, I am forced to be a workaholic and work on Christmas Eve so my family will decorate the tree without me (dagger to my heart). My favorite ornaments have a history or are the ones that I have made over the years; a giant construction paper Santa that is not easy on the eyes, Mary and Joseph made out wooden spoons, etc. I also love the vintage ones that my parents grew up with, too. They are so beautiful. Here are some fun cute ornaments I found...I guess I have to live vicariously through my blog. Sigh.

A German tradition (though we are not German) is to hide the green pickle in the tree branches. My younger sister hides it every year and we are caught searching for it for way too long. This one from Oriental Trading Company for $4.99. Also can get them at Crate and Barrel.

How cute is the little Squirrel Nutkin from Conran Shop? For $19.50.

Pretty and makes a beautiful noise; these bells from Vivaterra for $24.00.

Surprisingly cute Sock Monkey Ornaments from Gumps. Set of 4 for $24.99

Faux Fur mink coat Ornaments from Ballard Design. Set of Six for $12.00! If only I had one in life size, and not faux. Ahhh.

Classic vintage ornament from Etsy seller JunkyardGypsy. $20 for four boxes! I love these vintage ones mixed in with regular ornaments. They add such a beautiful, festive, and traditional look.

Mini Munchkin Mice from Crate and Barrel for 17.95. Oh. God. These mice in hats are KILLING ME with cute.
Adorable Cabin Ornament from Anthropologie for $12.60 I keep seeing these fabric ornaments and I'm loving them.

Well, looking on the bright side, I won't be there to get in fights with my sisters and I still get to hear my father read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Tear.

Alicia B.

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Robin said...

For some reason I am not in the mood to put up my tree yet this year, I am hoping that a holiday party tomorrow night will put me in the right frame of mind. In the meanitme, I love the little mice in hats! (I secretly think they really do wear little clothes and walk upright)