Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Fine Paints of Europe # 7195.

Says Mary McDonald, "I think red is a sexy color for brunettes. We can handle strong colors that would eat up a blonde. This is more of a blue red than a tomatoey country red. It's sultry and sophisticated."

Red scares me. Is it supposed to be exciting? Am I supposed to like it because its daring? Many very famous designers have built their reputations on being able to use red well. I have decided to do a little research on the uses of red. How much is too much? Too little? Just right? What do you feel emotionally from red? Anyway, I had fun--see below.

Dorothy Draper--this look is uber dramatic (the Greenbrier). LOVE.

This is from Domino. Using Brilliant in Tulip red from Fine paints of Europe, painting all the walls definitely makes a statement.

Sometimes just using a simple accent of red will draw attention especially in a room with such contrasting colors. From Metropolitan Home.

Also from Metropolitan Home, this room has such an airy feeling and the red is a much deeper hue. Love the dark wood nightstand with the cut outs.

Martha Stewart uses this glossy red paint around the windows and cabinets in a country kitchen.

This room is by Todd Romano; he uses a more mottled texture to this wall. I like this brick color red and the way he pairs it with browns and greens.

Alex Papachristidis, who pretty much fears NOTHING when it comes to design, uses many red accessories in this living room slash study.

I guess one of the secrets is using it in moderation or go totally bold with it. Really be daring but try to pick the right one. Sometimes a red can look very modern and other times it can evoke a colonial/New England vibe. In an article I read about the psychological effect of red, it can draw out many emotions, both positive and negative. Negative: defiance, aggression and strain and Positive: passion, energy and warmth! I think I might be coming around or at least feeling better about red. Thanks for going through that with me.

Alicia B.


Red River Interiors: said...

I painted my entire dining room red it's not a large space but the red I used is a deep tomato red, chili pepper inspires me and warms the space... Fay

erin@designcrisis said...

Another great roundup!

I, too have a red dining room/kitchen... it's Caliente Red from BM and I always get tons of compliments on it. It's the room all my guests want to be in.

Jen K said...

I've wanted a red room since I rented my first apartment 9 years ago and was shackled by white-wall handcuffs. I just bought a house and finally got my red wishes: in the smallish front room, one long wall painted a deep red (on the blue-red side of things) and the other three walls in a cool biege. The contrast make the room, I think, feel very balanced and just this side of edgy. I'm glad I went for it.

Brilliant Asylum said...

I love the shiny, lacquered reds.
Our house had one of those hideously 1990's brick red rooms in a flat finish when we moved in. I could not paint over it fast enough.

Things That Inspire said...

I must admit, I am a hater of red. I do not own even a thread of red in my wardrobe, and you will not find any red in my house. I did have an orangey red dining room for many years, but I recently had it painted Farrow & Ball clunch and I breathed quite the sigh of relief when I returned home to a nice neutral dining room. I wonder what this says about me?

By the way, I love your writing style.