Monday, October 20, 2008

MY Deco File (so far)

Usually I don't jump on to the trend train on things right away. I like to make sure something has staying power before I decide to like it, like Gossip girl, or polo shirts. You know what I mean. Anyway, I had seen the domino deco files popping up trying to get me to jump on board and I'd always ignored it. I have my own little files at home. One of small things that inspire me; pretty pictures or objects, quotes by designers that inspire me etc. Then, I have a notebook when entire articles of designer spreads from magazines that I've fallen in love with. Well, I finally succumbed to Domino Deco Files. You can categorize, label, and tag all the images. Its an organizational dream! And my favorite part is that you can take images from other websites or files already saved onto your computer--not just Domino!

I love the furniture in these two pics. That's all.

As of right now I only have a few pics (above) from Ina Garten's newest spread in House Beautiful done by Robert Stilin, but I'm working on it okay?? DON'T PRESSURE ME.

Alicia B.

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Flipperdelph said...

I love the se pictures ! Very i
inspiring (as we'll soon renovate and decorate our new old cottage house). Thank pressure but I'm impatient to see more ! :-)