Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thank you, Stephen Drucker.

Designing a space often times means coming up with a new and exciting way of placing furniture and accessories throughout the room. Stephen Drucker, however, makes a very excellent point in the latest House Beautiful that sometimes trying to do something new, you can run into trouble with a difficult floor plan or something of that sort. Basically he's saying, why change something good if it already works. There's a reason that it works in the first place. For example, the living room. You have a sofa up against one of the walls for a reason; people prefer it that way. Why put a chair in the middle of the room just to be different?--it breaks up the traditional seating arrangement. Enjoy.

Despite my admiration for Windsor Smith, in actuality I don't think that this works. A trestle table in the middle of the living room with two bulky armless sofas? Not comfortable or easy to maneuver.

A sofa with its back against the window is a great idea. Easy seating arrangement and enough space to put things like drinks or books. Alex Papachristidis.

Even with a contemporary style like in Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan's new home, a traditional seating arrangement works. Sofa against the wall and two chairs flanking.

Thom Filicia created this cozy arrangement with the sofa off in the little nook, double table to make one coffee table and two chairs. He worked with the space that he was given to make this work. Make it work!

Michael Smith. This idea even works in a bedroom if you have enough space (good for you).

Of course, a Todd Romano. Doesn't this look so comfortable--yet not too traditional and boring!

As Michael Smith said, "When I'm designing a living room, I naturally want to put a sofa against a wall and two chairs opposite it. Some designers might find that boring. The reality is, its soothing. Most people prefer it that way." Well said! Thoughts anyone?

Alicia B.

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disastress said...

this is how i feel about my bedroom... it works best one way.. but i keep trying to force it to work another! thanks for the reality check!