Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Martha Stewart's Cooking School

Today apres work, I'm going to a Martha Stewart Book Signing at Williams Sonoma. I KNOW. It's pretty clear by now that I just adore Martha Stewart. She's an entrepreneur, she's domestic, crafty, festive, and just all around admirable. She is coming out with her new book, Martha Stewart's Cooking School. I'm really looking forward to this cook book as I love to cook but I tend to get overwhelmed with ingredients, steps etc.

This is a recipe for Caesar Salad that is in the book. I love Caesar salad (I really like the croutons the best).

This book is meant to be geared towards novices (ME!) and also experienced cooks. I'll give you the run down of how it went later! She's visiting other locations too so get on that bandwagon. The book is $45 but the chance to meet Martha...Priceless.

Alicia B.

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