Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Typical Awesome New England Autumn Weekend

This past weekend as you know, I went up to my parents' house in good old New England! I was able to enjoy that last bit of great fall foliage and pressure my parents into buying me gourds from a real live farm! Take that, Gracie's Market! (just kidding, I love you Gracie's Market.)

My feeling is, the bumpier, the better. It gives it more of a personality. I put this little cluster on the book shelf in the corner of my room.

How cute are these guys? Mini corns (cluster of three) and a gourd that looks like a pumpkin are sitting on the bookshelf in our living room.

These are taken at the farm. Don't they look like two swans?

They are in fact, swan neck gourds, I believe. These are new to me this year but I think they're so pretty and every one of them bends differently. Gourd couture.

This is the front of the farm with an incredible red tractor from the 1940's original to the farm.

This is a close up of a tree that was turning. I love how many colors there were just in this small array of leaves.

The weekend ended in an amazing sail with my father. Isn't it gorgeous how the tree is reflected in the lake?

Do you like those last two pictures that I took? Well you can buy them on etsy. If you want them in a different size, please contact me. Thanks!

Alicia B.

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