Tuesday, October 7, 2008

International Art & Design Fair

Last night after work I swung by the Park Avenue Armory to see the International Art & Design Fair. It was really amazing to see the booths set up by different design and antique vendors. Mid century modern and art nouveau were among the top styles presented at many of the set ups. It's open one more day so you should definitely go if you have the time. Enjoy my pics though!

I loved these chunky sculptures from Dia Ichi Arts. They reminded me of buildings.

Abstract sculpture also from Dai Ichi Arts.

This little books stack table opens for storage. It had me at "Dante." From Mondo Cane.

Sunburst Mirror from Mondo Cane.

Wooden chair with modern lamp from Mondo Cane Gallery.

R20th Century had an ADORABLE collection of burlap stuffed animals. They were floating on clouds in the exhibition which was a really fun design idea.

The story behind these burlap animals/objects is that they were made during World War II in Germany to help kids with special needs. AWWW.

The artist who is in her 70's now still makes a handful of them a year. Amazing.

I found this wonderful collection of very authentic carpets handmade in Iran. I thought the designs were very original and the carpets were amazing in quality. Orley and Shabahang.

This one reminded me of William Morris.

Knoll I believe.

Maison Gerard Ltd was one of my favorite booths. The furniture was beautiful and so was their little scene that they had created.

I've never seen sconces like those before and those lamps were so gorgeously seaside. The side chairs I thought were very lovely too.

Interesting stools with leather straps. hmmm.

Uber Mid century Modern everything at Donzella.


Very cool wooden woven sculpture chair from Wexler Gallery in Philadelphia.

This is from another one of my favorite rooms. I thought they had really fun amazing quality pieces--Bernd Goeckler Antiques.

Love these round mirrors.

This crystal sconce was so feminine and delicate against the silvery blue silk curtains.

This whole room was astounding and they lined up mini pumkins on the mantle for a seasonal touch! CUTE!

I love these pottery vases. They looked just like a still life. This was at the first booth I visited, Antik.

They had a set of six of these great dark mahogany chairs.

This fun little room housed items from Christina Grajales.

This is a detail of the fun yarn sculpture/ wall hanging.

An amazing set of doors from Wexler Gallery again.

I've never been to this fair before but it was so worth it. Great for inspiration or just to see lots of amazing object. There were also a lot of antique jewelry booths which made me want to cry they were so amazing.

Alicia B.


Brilliant Asylum said...

I wish I could go! Looks like there was a lot to see.

thevintagechair said...

Wow! I would love to have seen those! They're all so interesting!