Friday, October 24, 2008

Hanging vs. Leaning.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you see a beautiful or even not so beautiful art propped up against a wall instead of hanging. To me, it takes away from the value of the art to have it casually sitting there rather than displayed up on the wall. I know it has been a big trend and I see it everywhere but finally yesterday I was validated on this sentiment by designer Keith Irvine! There was an article about him (he's 80 and still amazing!) in the New York Times yesterday and he said, "the modern habit of propping pictures against the wall. It's A, sort of pretentious and B, tentative." GOOD POINT Mr Irvine! I think the fact that it's "tentative" makes me feel unsettled and unfinished.

On the other side of this, people enjoy the temporary aspect of leaning the art. It can be seen as casual and you are able to move it about. Derek Larson says, "Leaning art feels effortless and casual. And it makes it easy to rotate pieces in your collection."

In Domino, the art is hanging and leaning. I do like the gallery style on the back wall though--look how low those pictures are!

Living etc. A framed poster (inexpensive art!) is propped on this mantle.

Adore this white washed brick but one of these pictures is being blocked!

Leaning art on the floor. I don't feel well.

Bravo on committing! From Domino.

Even if you're going for a less formal look, you can still hang the art! This is from a Robin Bell house in House Beautiful.

We all know how I feel. What are your thoughts?

Alicia B.

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Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

hmmm -- I actually like the leaning art thing -- my walls can't take the weight of hanging anything heavy. So, I have a combination of leaning and hanging (lighter works) -- it works for me but then again i can see that it might not work for everyone and I wouldn't want to JUST have leaning artwork....