Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Transformers! (the original kind)

At my first ever job (my last job) I was a shop girl at an antique store. Among the many old antiques that I loved, I discovered these metamorphic pieces; a bench that turned into a step ladder or a chair that folds down into a bench. They looked like they would be perfect in a library or a sitting room (in my imaginary home in the English countryside).

This one is quite industrial. It reminds me of those stools from art class.

A cute antique bench that morphs into a step ladder.


I would reupholster this and put it in my stodgy English library.

This is from Target actually--a chair and a desk!

From Treehugger.com this retro futon folds into a wooden coffee table.

From Treehugger.com I found this crib and changing table that doubles as a day bed and desk! I think it still looks like a crib but......

Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

So with that Target chair/desk, you basically have to buy two, right? I mean, you still have to sit somewhere. Thoughts?

thevintagechair said...

These are SO cool! I love the red one!
Love your blog!