Thursday, October 30, 2008

Music to Match the Decor? HUH.

Okay, make me a soundtrack!

In my usual reading of my favorite section of the New York Times, Home and Garden, there is a new trend of matching music with your interior design called Audio Architecture. Here is the article. You can hire someone to to take a look at your space, style, interests etc and they will create play lists for you that will play throughout your house. Houses are now coming with ipod docks built into them so you can control the music in all part of your house. I definitely love to put on music while I clean, but is this a little bit much? Undecided. Some music interior designers charge up to $250 for an hour of music and you can purchase as many hours as you would like. They will design it for different times of day as well! One of the companies is in New York, called Audiostiles. You can have this done at home and in the office! Will it help with productivity?

A client says, "I love that I don’t have to think about what to put on. It’s already done for me." Doesn't this sort of take all the fun out of making a mix? Are we now paying people to make what I grew up calling a MIX TAPE?? I wonder what sort of music someone would choose for me? People walk to work with ipods, there is music at work, and now at home. Is our life being made into one big soundtrack? Something to think about I suppose. Wow, that got deep at the end.

Alicia B.

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