Friday, October 31, 2008

A Rude Awakening

So, for weeks now I have had my Halloween outfit all planned out. It was perfect in my mind because I wouldn't have to spend a whole lot of money (any money at all really) for the outfit because I already had all the items. I wanted to be Martha Stewart. Yeah. But like any 20 something year old girl...I wanted to make the outfit slightly promiscuous.

Polo shirt? Check!
Similar can be found at J Crew. In the Summer. Apron from Anthropologie. SO YUM!

So I started trying on outfits for my roommate last night. I had a button down oxford cloth shirt and a khaki mini skirt and an apron (see above). It didn't work. I tried a different skirt and a tighter shirt and something just wasn't working. Finally my roommate yelled at me in the midst of collars, buttons and khaki, "Alicia, the promiscuous version of Martha...IS YOU!" Wow. This had not dawned on me yet but I realized that she was absolutely right. No wonder I didn't have to buy anything new to make this outfit--I dress like this on a regular basis. Ouch/secret smug pride.

So I've come to terms with this and moved on, costume-wise. I'm just going to be a cowgirl-- because I've got the boots already.

Alicia B.

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Haha-this made me laugh out loud! Happy Halloween!