Tuesday, October 28, 2008

*some clever pun about being in the closet*

Aaah, the closet. My feeling with closets is that they can either be something you don't want to open as it is a spectacular mess OR it can be something glorious and beautiful every time you open it. I did some research, as usual, and while I reorganized my closets a few months ago, it left me wanting to clean again! YAY!

Of course it starts with Martha Stewart. Color coded and organized to perfection. MMM.

This is Ms. Mariah Carey's closet--just for her shoes! I love how bright it is though and the picture lights on the top of the cases make them look more valuable like a display.

Eva Longoria's closet. I like the folding screen--can be used for hanging clothing and privacy.

Designed by Marshall Watson, this walk in closet is long but he makes good use of the space with a comfy bench with pillows and stars at the end to lead your eye forward.

If you recognize this closet I'll give you a prize. (prize=the knowledge that you won.)

In the latest Domino, Jenna Lyons's dressing room is shown. I love that there is a fireplace and little settee in it. How glam.

James Radin designed this gorgeous and relaxing dressing room slash bath.

From Domino, if you don't have much room, you can hang full length curtains to hide closet spaces like this here. Hanging it full length makes it appear taller.

From Domino. This is a clever bookcase/closet/media area in one is hidden by slatted doors. I'm slightly nervous though about that one shelf which is bending under the weight of the books. I appreciate that they're trying to hide the TV and electronics. Classy touch.

This adorable dressing room designed by Ellie Cullman has a window seat! LOVE IT.

This preppy dressing room from Domino really goes all out. Zebra rug, vanity, two cute lamps, fun wallpaper, and colorful storage! COLORFUL STORAGE!

If you're lucky you can have a whole dressing room with a vanity, an island in the middle, mirrors, artwork, etc.

I would really love to have a nice big dressing room. It's like a fun little room devoted to just clothing and doesn't necessarily have to be a public space! You can really do some fun funky and personal designs in it.

Alicia B.

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OHOHOH IT CARRIES OLD WARDROBE! yay the prize of my knowledge! Im like 6 months late with this!I linked u in my last post coz ur blog is lovely xxx