Saturday, October 11, 2008

Creative Craft Time.

Even if you don't have the pleasure (and by pleasure, I mean absolute horror) of working in finance, you can get pretty stressed out during the work week. Working, organizing, trying to stay on top of your personal life etc. can get you down. I find that a good way to relax is to do something creative. It is personally satisfying and pretty fun.

Start with a plain headband.

Apply some cute ribbon of your choice.

This headband that I made was super easy and didn't take more than ten or so minutes. I got some really cute ribbon (which you can get at a fabric or craft store) and cut it to the size of the headband plus 1/8th of an inch extra on either side. Then I simply applied Elmer's glue to the bottom side of the ribbon and carefully pressed it on to the headband. You can get plain headbands at the drug store. Remember to wrap that extra 1/8th inch of ribbon around on the underside of the headband--for comfort mostly and plus it finished off the look. Now you have a cute, feminine hair accessory that didn't cost more than five dollars! You can also do the same thing to barrettes, which I'm going to try next.

Good to go! How Martha am I??

Buy one!

Alicia B.


disastress said...

i want that headband... will you make one for me out of tassled trim?? no??? said...

That is super freaking cute! I'll be linking to this idea!