Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nice Jugs--I MEAN recycled glass...

Did that get weird? Colored recycled glass is something that has been catching my eye of late. I love the subtle color of green or olive in them and each one is different. They are antiques as well as glass that has been reused (how green). They are used as vases or can be made into lamps. I know it's not exactly a new idea but I really love it.

Vicente Wolf uses them as vases in the foreground and as an accent in the back.

Tom Sheerer placed these two bulbous jugs side by side to draw subtle attention to the far corner of this room.

Martha Stewart. She always says if you have something odd like a little jar, to get a bunch of them and group them so they look like a collection.

Pictured in Metropolitan Home, a yellow and a green vase are paired together on the mantle. So cute!

Love this Barry Dixon hall with a large demijohn in the corner.

I love this mini still life scene in a Tom Sheerer interior.

You can buy these recycled glass wine glass and decanter from Vivaterra.

One of my favorite places for antiques is rubylane.com. This antique demijohn from ruby lane is $475.

Alicia B.

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