Friday, October 17, 2008

Two weeks till Halloween!

T-minus TWO weeks until the day of either roaming around your neighborhood begging for candy OR waiting at your home for the cute little munchkins to ring your doorbell and ask for candy! HALLOWEEN! In any case, you need to get cracking on that Halloween decor! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because, if you know me, I pretty much survive on candy/sugar. This one is a goldmine. As for the decor, I don't mean the giant blow up pumpkins or the big cliche spider on your front door and then call it a day, I mean cute, custom festive decor!

Spiders make me sick, but this is a simple and VERY CREEPY (clearly that's the point) Halloween idea with mini plastic spiders and votive candles. Just arrange them so that they're crawling all over the place. ew.

This is a little display is from Country Living Magazine. I love how the pretty autumn gourds are placed on an angle in the glass dome.

This is from Eddie Ross's blog. This is a gorgeous and simple idea with multiple pumpkins. I love the polka dot shadows they case on the wall.

If you're lucky enough to have a yard and not just a mini courtyard outside an apartment building, line the path with these little glowing pumpkins. So pretty!

Since everyone is so busy, you might not have time to carve pumpkins and these tin cans painted red or orange are a fun and less messy alternative. Punch holes in them in a scary face pattern and put a votive candle inside! From Martha.

I can't wait to get festive (and candy)! Pumpkin carving party anyone? What other sorts of decor to you do for Halloween?

Alicia B.

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