Thursday, October 16, 2008

Map Me

Something I've always loved are antique maps. I bought an antique map of New York City at an antique store out in the country about a year ago and I'd love to re-frame (as one part of it is damaged) it and be able to hang it (it's still in my room back home much to my parents' dismay). It's a nice way to create art in an inexpensive way. You can buy antique maps at antique or print shops or buy new ones and frame them to make them look old. I like to look at them and reminisce back to a time when I was in that place.

From Architectural Digest, Gayle Wells Mandle and James Brayton Hall. Wall paper map on the entire wall! I like how it is stained dark.

Country Living. This is a DIY project; break up a map into several frames.

Katie Ridder. I used to have a map of the world like this from National Geographic when I was a child. Considering my sense of direction, I think I should have looked at it more.

Tocar Design. If you have several small maps you can group them to add interest to this small empty space above the door frame.

This antique map of Connecticut is one of many valuable antique maps from The Philadelphia Print Shop in Chestnut Hill, PA.

I'd love to be able to find some good map wallpaper. Anyone? Bueller?

Alicia B.


Emily Amy Gallery said...

My husband loves antique maps...I was thinking about getting him one for there any place to order them online?

Alicia B Blogs said...

Good question. Another great place is The Old Print Shop in new york. or you can look on too! Good luck and what a cute gift idea.

Neil Street said...

Emily: There are plenty of sites selling antique maps. Try