Monday, October 6, 2008

Designer Spotlight: David Driscoll

One of my favorite designers, David Driscoll has recently broken out on his own! He is currently based in Manhattan but has designed interiors on Nantucket, Rhode Island, and Palm Beach. His style is sophisticated, but simple and chic. He uses a lot of neutral colors which makes his interiors very cozy and livable. As he is very innovative, he also offers a redesign service! He will take your space and basically give it a chic makeover but keep your original pieces--just make them better. David also believes in being "green"--by using antiques! Enjoy the pics from his website below!

This is the before shot with dowdy fabric and low to the ground accessories.

After shot with lighter fabrics, a beautiful gourd lamp on the side table and more life in the room (literally).

I love the fabric for the drapery here.

Same for the throw pillows.

I notice that he uses a lot of plants in his rooms which I really like.

The small painting next to the bed ads a real feeling of intimacy.

I believe this is from an apartment in Manhattan.

You know, I of course love these framed drawings over the sofa.

Double candles also keep popping up in his designs.

Check out his website

Alicia B.

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Things That Inspire said...

I like his work, and especially like the room where he added some height with lamps and accessories.