Monday, February 8, 2010

Black and White amazingness in The Hamptons

Black and white has been a huge part of my life all of a sudden. I'm having a black and white photography show that I mentioned yesterday and I've falling IN LOVE with black and white interiors. It all started with this S. R. Gambrel house on the Hamptons that is different shades of black, white and grey with little pops of color here and there. I love the contrast with the classic elements in the house.

Check out the window frames painted in black; it really makes them stand out. I love the super traditional gilded mirror with the other more structured elements.

I'm not sure what that chair is doing there but I am LOVING the ebonized headboard and the black and white pillows.

Woo, all that travertine marble is making my head spin with delight. I love it.

The living room is so beautiful. The greys, blacks, and whites are very nice but the reason this all works is the pop of red in the lampshades and the greens which you'll see in the next image.

As a color girl, I LOVE how these colors pop in this neutral but NON beige base.

Aren't these chandeliers fun?

The main reason that I fell in love with this home is the kitchen. I love the graphic quality of this floor and the tiles on the wall. The benches and the rustic table read a little country (NOT a bad thing) and the floor makes it look more modern.

See what I mean about the graphic quality of the kitchen? I'd DIE to have this oven but this floor is like Escher came in and did a little art project on the floor. I usually hate oven hoods but this one is so impressive here with the pottery on the shelves against the black subway tile background.

I started this post out as a collection of great black and white interiors but I clearly changed course and couldn't stop looking at these pictures again once I started. I think these are a great example of a neutral not having to be a boring beige but a graphic exciting and surprising backdrop of creating something wonderful in an old home.

Alicia B.


LindsB said...

love this house so much but I'm laughing so hard at the comment about the chair being at the end of the why is someone sitting that way and what are they watching?!?

Agoura Antique Mart said...

Great post! Great pics. Love it all. Maria