Friday, February 26, 2010

"I like gluing things to other things."

REALLY? This is a from an article in the NY Times, "A Las Vegas Mansion, Glue-Gunned to Perfection". Playing it fast and loose with the word "perfection" aren't we? The Hartland Mansion, originally two houses, were combined to create the largest mansion in Las Vegas in the 1970's. Larry Hart, armed with a glue gun, took it upon himself to redesign it. Las Vegas is over the top times 10 and as you can probably tell already, DIY'ed to the max. Everything is glued together! The "bones" of the house are spectacular, but let's take a little tour through, shall we?

I love the floor and the architectural mouldings around the door and ceiling. The drapery gathered ceiling is RIDICULOUS, but it's Las Vegas, so it needs to be over the top.

A small indoor pool!

Call me crazy but I'm SERIOUSLY petrified by this room. There are way too many nutcrackers in here. I love collections, don't' get me wrong, but if I walked into this room, I'd stop and slowly back out of it.

One of the 13 bathrooms in the home, this one is heart themed...get it? Heart? Hart? Okay, you get it.

Much of the house is said to be inspired by Versailles. This is the master bedroom. I can barely look at the swans much less the wall to wall pink carpeting but let's get a better look at this bed...

This bedspread apparently weighs 34lbs, ornamented with pearls. Woah, on second thought, let's get out of here.

Did Larry Hart put the mirrors on this piano? You bet he did! He glued each and every one on there. Apparently he started this at an early age, gluing pearls onto his mothers high heels and eventually designed shoes for Ginger Rogers and Dolly Parton. Wow.

This is called the "Velvet Room". Can you guess what is velvet and what is glue?

Okay, I know I'm being snide but this is so over the top! You really must read the article, this family's story is both funny and tragic. The Harts are from Texas and just like most Texans they seem larger than life. They own a house with 13 bathrooms but love to shop at bargain stores! Have a great weekend and please don't get inspired and glue pearls to your bedspreads!

Alicia B.


Living It At Home said...

I love my glue gun, but that is over the top crazy! Fun read~

Have a nice weekend!

Raina Cox said...

I think the Gays should revoke Larry's membership card.

Stay warm this weekend, Toots!

Eclectic said...

WOW....WOW. Texas + Vegas is a dangerous combination!

Anonymous said...

I saw this in the NY Times as well and thought WOW,and moved on. I think we should be careful making public fun of people. We try to have one corner of this world to call our own and express ourselves. Who are we to look down our noses at Larry? Aren't all these blogs about what makes us happy in our own spaces? If Larry is happy isn't that what counts. said...


i read the article also this morning, don't like it all, but everybody may live like they want. But you will never see me there, i would die in such a thing.


Pemberley said...

The whole thing is scary - what goes on in that house????