Thursday, February 18, 2010

A non zebra rug? YES, they do exist!

I do love zebra rugs but sometimes they don't work in a certain space or home. I know, hard to believe that I'm not advocating for something fur, right? Anyway, often times my clients inspire my posts and this is one of them! As I've mentioned, I'm working on a client's master bathroom and as pieces are coming together in the master bedroom area too, they mentioned they want to replace the rug as well (though perhaps further down the line). Immediately, I envisioned a large faded antique carpet with pinks, creams, and golds. I've been seeing antique oriental and Turkish rugs everywhere lately and loving it.

From Lonnymag. A small rug can help define an area. In this case, it really draws attention to the funky chunky coffee table. It looks like you can just sit down on that pillow and play a board game. Life, anyone?

From Clover mag. This one, by Rob Southern, helped to separate the desk area from the rest of the room. It's like a little desk island.

I love idea of a layered rug; a smaller one on top of a wall to wall sisal like this one by Phoebe Howard.

Or many different rugs dividing up different seating areas in this large living room by Weissman Fisher via Point Click Home.

How sweet is this lavender room? This is how faded I envision the carpet for my clients. By Phoebe Howard

Here is a bold one with golds, blues, and reds that really unites the room. And this room is so beautiful! By Michael Smith.

James Michael Howard. Okay, so this one is a geometric but it's soft tones are wonderful.

A bold pattern in a faded tonemakes a beautiful statement but doens't take all the attention away from the other amazing parts to this room. Charlotte Moss via Cote de Texas.

I think this one is my favorite. The soft blue/green and cream tones throughout are so lovely. My client's bedroom has many pink tones everywhere so I think a faded pink toned carpet would be beautiful there. Elizabeth Dinkel.

You don't see many oriental or turkish rugs on the blogs. Many are geometic and striped, which are great and I have 2 striped rugs in my apartment, but often times you need a carpet that will bring together a room, not stretch it out. I hope I find the perfect rug for my clients, but I may just go with a simple plain one. A subtle faded carpet would certainly be perfect though. I can't wait to show you how everything comes together--more on their wallpaper soon!

Alicia B.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Gorgeous, all of it. A faded rug would be a beauty in your clients home, but I think you'll nail it no matter which one you pick. Looking forward to more....


@gogirlee said...

I'm so glad to see yr point-of-view on this because of I'm comfortable with all else except the throw rug.

I have a bit of an aversion to fabrics because they remind me of clothes, and to my mind they need to be changed-up often.

Maybe having a rug for each season. I can see that...