Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I bet you were wondering...

I bet you were wondering how my show is looking! I'm so intuitive that I can tell what you all are thinking though I've never met most of you. Over this past weekend, I went to Cosi's in West Hartford to install my show. If you are nearby I'd love it if you checked it out but for those of you who can't make it because you live far, here are some pics!

I don't know this woman but she was so cute and smiled for my photo!

These are in the front of the cafe and that's my artist's statement off to the right.

In the back, this one is visible from this huge mirror. Placement for this one is super important and strategic.

As I mentioned, the show is mainly black and white photographs, although I added some of my favorite color photos here and there.

BTW I realize that the place looks empty but I had to install them when nobody was around! It's called strategery.

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour but of course, everything looks better in person. Everything looks better when you have an order of smores on the way, too. Check out more on my website www.aliciabdesigns.com

Alicia B.


emily said...

I'm so proud of you mama! I can't wait to eat a T-B-M under one of those puppies

erin@designcrisis said...

Yay! Looks fantastico.

abby said...

with or without s'mores :) congrats!