Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dresser Top Organization

Like I said on Monday, Spring is just around the corner and do you know what that means? Spring cleaning! If you're like me though, you love doing spring cleaning all year round, so it's okay at any season. My main source of cleaning angst is the top of my dresser, where I keep nearly EVERYTHING that has to do with make up, hair accessories, or jewelry. I keep it contained (sort of) but it's gotten out of control and something had to be done about it.

This is pretty much rock bottom. ROCK BOTTOM.

Too much is happening here.

The first step is taking EVERYTHING off the dresser and deciding what needs to be on top of the dresser and what doesn't. And also what needs to be thrown out. Putting things into categories helps to prioritize.

Here it is all cleaned off and Lysol'ed. A clean slate!

Phew! This is MUCH more organized looking.

Things are much more contained now. I took my old tray (my new one takes priority on the coffee table) and put my bangles, headbands and bead necklaces inside the tray because they are not easily contained with out it.

I bought that cute Florentine tray at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market and now all of my hair accessories live there.

I constantly have a twistie around my wrist JUST in case. Aren't these colors cheery?

I bought these 3 glasses and 3 Spanish plates at Housing Works the other day. I didn't end up using the Spanish ones but the glasses came in handy.

This one hold my lipsticks.

All my (faux) pearls in one place!

Here are my bangles sitting atop some Farrow and Ball wallpaper sitting inside a wooden tray!

These buttons were stuffed inside a tiny coin purse that was bursting at the seams. Now they are sitting in the open in a silver awards cup that I won last year. It leaves room to collect more buttons, too.

Headbands! I love the colors of my headbands and wanted to leave them on my dresser.

Here is another glass with dangly earrings hanging from it and some necklaces inside.

This was certainly a tough project to take on, but I'm glad I did it. It's well organized now. Everything has a place and most importantly, I've left room for things to change and for things to be added. It also helped to prioritize. Do I need an empty prescription bottle hanging around? Nope. Do I need my lip glosses front and center? Yup! What do you think of my new dresser top?

Alicia B.


Michelle (Three Men and a Lady) said...

Clever use of the glass for your earrings!

Cristin said...

It looks great! Very clever use of a glass to hang the earrings.


Rosa said...

Im a makeup artist so my dresser top is....crazy. I have one of those sets of plastic drawers for stationary and try to keep everything in its place but I just cant! I must post a photo of it one day! I love seeing other peoples dressers and wardrobes, yours in amazing! jelous of your hairbands!!