Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DIY Grasscloth Tray

Over the weekend, I ventured over in the freezing cold to the Hell's Kitchen Flea market. Among other things, I found an adorable wooden tray! It had nice holes with slight curves on the sides and then ducks on the actual tray part. The only problem was that the ducks were ridiculously silly looking! As you know, I love DIY and I had recently read a very inspirational post by Eddie Ross HERE about fixing up a bland looking tray to make it look chic. Check out my project:

Since I'm not an 85 year old woman (or my older sister), the ducks didn't really appeal to me. I had bigger plans for this tray.

I took some grasscloth that I bought at Kate's Paperie and measured out the inside area of the tray.

Cut it.

And then I fit it inside the tray and voila I have a cute wooden tray! No ducks!

I know mine is quite different from Eddie's but they are different trays. The mahogany wood in mine wasn't conducive to a ultra chic croc skin finish of Eddie's. I can't wait to use it in my new apartment for serving drinks, bringing dinners from the kitchen to the dining table (2 feet away), or for vases/candles etc.

Alicia B.


Averill said...

Looks lovely -- I think you were smart to keep the wood as-is. Besides, it looks like you could always easily sub out a different paper to change up the look!

Lauren said...

so cute!!! great job!!

Down Comforter said...

I'm with ya on the ducks - nice makeover :)

Robin said...

Very nice makeover. ou could also use pages from an old wallpaper book to change out the look.