Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My New Apartment: Part One

As promised, I have gone through a lot of my pics of my new apartment and decided to share them with you. I still have many many messes that will be fixed over the next few months, but that's what is fun--the projects! Let me walk you through them:

I bought this little yellow pottery lamp at an estate sale in CT for only $5 and replaced the old parchment shade with this pretty silk pleated one! Similar ones can be purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond.

I just got these cute window pane pattern white drapes from Bed Bath and Beyond. I think they're feminine and pretty. I'd love to put more substantial drapery there but I can't drill into the plaster so these will have to work!

One of many of my projects is hanging up all my pictures, framed wallpaper pieces, and art. This is the rug in my bedroom; it's Dash and Albert Tangerine Dream. I bought it when I first moved to NYC.

These are my two absolute fave pillows from Wade Hampton Home sitting nicely on my newly re-upholstered loveseat in Roger Arlington fabric. Don't they look amazing there in my mini living room? I had a perfect rug for this room but it was was too wide for the room. It's small, okay?? So, I've mourned and moved on to THIS!

Adorable fresh flowers from my beau to brighten up my new apt! Aww.

My bedside table is from Target and the lamp is Martha Stewart, that I've had since my freshman year in college! Isn't the blue paint in my bedroom so pretty? It's Brittany Blue from Benjamin Moore. Sometimes it looks grey, and other times it looks blue and it always looks great with all the different colors in my room!

This wicker wall rack I'm going to paint a smokey grey to match the tile in the bathroom. I don't have any bathroom storage so I have to work with the space I have.

Here is a little scene of my new MINI stove top. I use the green Le Creuset kettle to make my fave Harney Tea, and the espresso maker I bought while I was in Florence, but you can get them HERE as well.

This set of three canisters from Sur la Table sits on my lovely Formica counter top. The large one has flower, medium has sugar, and the small has large cooking utensils!

My parents brought me this super handy wall mounted pot rack to hang all my new pots and pans on. I'm pretty sure they've been saving it for a very long time in the basement. Love it! In the 3 days that I've been here I've been cooking so much! These gorgeous pots aren't going to stay shiny for very long. Sad.

Alicia B.


anusha said...

very cute apartment. You have decorated it very well

Things That Inspire said...

I am anxious to move simply because I want the chance to reorganize, declutter, and redecorate! It looks like you are off to a great start. My favorite part of my house is the foyer - I have it looking exactly the way I want it, thanks to an art purchase last night.

Alicia B Designs said...

Thanks! Yeah but its just a start...TTI, what did you get last night in the way of art???

Anonymous said...

!!! I love the wall rack mom and dad got for the pots! Is that rack in the bathroom from home, too? I could have sworn we had one of those at one point. Also hadn't seen your couch yet - looks awesome! No one would ever know that couch is like 50 years old (at LEAST).

Designers' Brew said...

Is it wrong that I want to steal that yellow lamp from you? Larceny is the highest form of flattery...

Down Comforter said...

Moving is such a pain - but it's nice to start fresh in a brand new place :)