Friday, February 6, 2009

All Aboard. Yacht Design

Today, in NYC it's a high of 21 degrees, and apparently it's supposed to be getting warmer? Well let me tell you something--I can't take it anymore! I'm freezing! I know I don't live in Chicago, where 21 degrees feels like shorts weather to them, but I've decided that I've had enough. My younger sister and I have decided to take a trip together to Miami! We dabbled in going to Mexico, the Bahamas and almost went for it with a cruise, but we decided that it would be best if we just laid on the beach and put on 45 SPF and got "tan." The cruise idea led me on a little bit of a design trip down yacht and plane designs! There are some pretty terrible and uncomfortable designs out there but I found a few that you all might like.

Shahira Fahmy, a young Egyptian designer, designed this yacht. Here is the veranda, for dining and enjoying the fresh air. I love those three chairs with caning--so graceful.

The sun/sitting room doesn't have much color but I love the billowing walls towards the back.

Not sure why there are two beds in the master bedroom suite, but there are. Looks cute with the custom fabric canopies, though. I still wish there was more color here.

Finally, she uses some color and exoticism in the living room. Reds, browns, yellows and patterns in here break the mold of the rest of the yacht.

Another more exotic scene in the yacht with punches of green from the plants.

The yacht above looks a lot like the yacht that my parents gave me for my 21st birthday! JUST KIDDING. This was designed by Bannenberg Designs and was featured in Architectural Digest.

I think this yacht is a tad sleeker, but it doesn't lose its personality. Fun ceiling right?

The bathroom is quite luxurious with marble on nearly every surface. I super love the look of those sinks--blocky but beautiful.

Tocar, who usually designs for residences was asked to design a client's yacht as well. They went with the classic navy's, wood surfaces, and white--very nautical.

Darren Henault wins my prize for the most livable and creative solutions of yacht design. I think the key is to keep it simple but not too spare. You probably can't over accessorize on a yacht-- because you're on water.

Here is a little reading nook where you can relax and enjoy the view. Take a look at those sofas; they even have scalloped edging on the upholstery! Adorable.

Another sitting area with a sweet little cocktail table to put your gin and tonic on! I love the floor tiles as well.

This is probably is a snug little bathroom but Henault uses lots and lots of mini tiles and many mirrors to expand the space.

How clever is this desk area? It folds out when you want to write a letter, slip it in a bottle, and throw it into the ocean. Then when you're done you can close it up and have space in your bedroom.

Bedroom with a Buddha head.

And, finally the dining area. Lighting must be particularly difficult when designing something on water. It can't sway too much, and you don't always want to have recessed lighting because that can be boring.

Well, even if i don't have a yacht of my own to design, I'm still loving the idea. I love the nautical motifs and all the classic colors that are associated with sailing etc. And remember, it's not a boat, it's a yacht. If anyone can name what movie that quote is from, I'll give you a dinghy.

Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

Starsky and Hutch! Please, that was way too easy :) WHERE'S MY DINGHY?!

Raina said...

WOW - those are gorgeous. It's so refreshing to see something other than super high-tech contemporary or stuffy traditional.

Down Comforter said...

Oh, I need a vacay asap!!!

Robin said...

Sign me up to crew on any of these fine vessels.

How come motor homes never look this god?

car2ner said...

Nice blog! Original yacht design found here