Monday, February 9, 2009

Pool Girl

Bunny Williams adorable pool house in CT.

I don't know if it's the last post I did on Yachts, or if it's the fact that I'm looking forward to my Miami vacation coming up, but I can't stop looking at outdoor spaces. Perhaps it's the little glimpse of warm weather that we had over the weekend and I can't get my mind off going outdoors. I started looking at some swimming pools and fell in love with so many! Take a look at some that passed my test.

From Marie Claire Maison, this minimalist infinity pool was designed by Rudy Ricciotti. I love how the architect worked with the landscape here; he really took into account the fact that the house is built into a hill or a cliff.

From Marie Claire Maison, this pool (piscine, en francais.) is based around natural elements, from the color of the water, to the stones surrounding it. I love the way the lights reflect the water and the trees up on the wall of the house.

I think this one might be one of my favorites, designed by John Oetgen, this pool is in Atlanta (Hotlanta!). I love the traditional style of the surrounding walls and the little seating areal at the end which gives your eye something to look at. The topiary is so sweet and well placed, too.

What a gorgeous and unassuming tropical pool--in NEW JERSEY! I know! Designed by Jill Morris.

This one designed by Jay Griffith in LA, wins the creativity award. I love the overhang cabana deck area but what really caught my eye were the silver balls floating in the pool. They add a sculptural element to the pool and reflect the light and the water! From this super cool garden store Terradisiac.

From House Beautiful, this simple and modern pool really matches the style of the house very well. Designed by Fred Doss.

I love this one for the view and the reflection in the water. Designed by Fern Santini found in House Beautiful.

This is a sunset or rise reflected so beautifully in the narrow pool, that I just fell in love. It was designed by Parisian designers, Fabienne Couvert and Guillaume Terver in Marie Claire Maison.

People who know me might realize the irony of this post. I'm amazing at lying by the SIDE of a pool, but put me into one and I'll literally sink to the bottom. I spent years on the swim team as a child swimming very close to the bottom of the pool, and even failed a swimming test because I couldn't do the "dead man's float" as I just sunk to the bottom. Anyway, survival skills are shaky...

Alicia B.

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