Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nautical Living

From Country living Mag, this refurbished beach house in NC uses lots of browns and blues in the living room. I love the storage chest used as a coffee table here.

Okay, so I guess I rallied and got it together to do a blog even though my life is consumed with packing slash moving slash painting. I don't know if you can tell but I've become obsessed by this water/yacht theme of late. Every now and then I see houses with many nautical motifs and I just love them! I think some of them are over-done and in bad taste but I love the theme and find it charming, nonetheless.

The banister here may be slightly over the top but a creative idea by designer Suzanne Kasler, anyway. The mirrors on the wall are really what drew me to this room, all round and chunky.
I found this adorable old world nautical map wallpaper from Stark. This would be so cute in a powder room or a small cozy den.

By Savoie Architects, this kid's bedroom looks like bunk beds on a ship. As my friend, Sarah, who basically grew up on a boat said to me, in terms of space and storage, there is not one place on a boat that is not used. You need to use the space efficiently and as you can see here, it definitely is: bunk beds, and storage underneath is those cute baskets.

In the same house, Savoie takes the nautical theme into the master bedroom; but in a different direction. Clearly inspired by the idea of sea glass, the color palette is centered around the sea glass mural behind the bed, then taken to the lamps, shades, and pillows on the bed. How beautiful is that? LOVE IT.

Photographer, Matt Albiani designed his entire city apartment around this nautical theme. The wall paper is actually old maps. I love the case on the dresser with a rope handle. His entire place is in Domino mag HERE. His style is a little more DIY than your typical beach house with lots of space, which I appreciate.

Boston based designer Gary McBournie designed this house on Nantucket. I love the chest flanked by the two antique chairs, but the ship's wheel over the bench (with a storage drawer!) is a little too obvious for me. Sorry. I still love you though Gary McBournie!

I SUPER love this kitchen! I love the white cupboards with holes and the unfinished ceiling is KILLING me. Nice touch with the patriotic American flag, too. Ahhh.

One of my favorite things about going to the shore is the shells. The starfish and coral in this bedroom are so cute!

This house on Cape Cod designed by Foley and Cox is also very beautiful, and perhaps that dog is what made me choose this one. Anyway, as a lighting lover, I couldn't look away from those two ship's lanterns above the sofa.

Which was your favorite? I like elements of each one; the glass balls in the knots above, the coral, the colors of blue, white, and mahogany, etc . It might be a few days before I post again so enjoy this one; savor it. I'll be really busy and stressed SO BACK OFF. Just kidding, love me!

Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

I don't know. I like some of these nautical elements. But a lot of them just looked forced and out of place in a home. Some of these photos show just how awkwardly the rooms come together-or do not.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh that striped fabric in the first picture has me swooning.

Love it.

Hope you have smooth sailing with your move! (cheesy I know)

So happy I just found your blog! Can't wait to read more.

niartist said...

Hi! Just found your blog through Eddie Ross, and wanted to tell you about Phoebe Howard. She did a nautical themed project for a ship boat captain, and there are great pictures. I've featured her on my blog - but not these pics, so if you are looking for more nautical inspiration, she might be the place to find some great pics for your blog:

Hope the rest of your move goes well! :) Artie

Alicia B Designs said...

Thanks all!

Artie, i super love phoebe howard thanks for the tip!

clearly packing is going slowly as I am responding to posts to avoid it. haha.

david santos said...

Brilliant posting!!!!
Good imagination!!!!!

Lisa said...

Love your latest post. I always head straight towards blue, white, brown & nautical. I really,really, miss Ca.too. Now that I'm in Lexington i look back and think, why did i not go to the beach every single day???? Anyway, i am loving your blog. I Love Phoebe Howard also, she was one of my first posts. Keep up the great work & thanks for follwing me on Twitter. Lisa

Robin said...

Love the Savoie bedroom, cheerful yet soothing at the same time, although my cats would have a field day with all that glass dangling above the headboard!

Good luck with the packing/moving/unpacking. It's a bear but in the end it is so exciting to be in a new place.

Lauren said...

I love nautical too!!! I think my favorite is the wallpaper-- I love the aged feeling.
great post- will bookmark it!!

Leigha said...

That Stark wallpaper is to die for. Simply gorgeous.
What a happy accident to stumble accross your blog (I was searching for "beetle wallpaper"). Off to explore...

Fitted Bedroom Furniture said...

FiGreat clean lines - fresh nautical designs are a great look for any bedroom. Thanks for sharing.