Monday, February 23, 2009

My New Apartment: Project Bathroom Wicker Rack

Remember when my parents brought me this wicker rack that I used in my bathroom? Well, I did a project. My bathroom has this amazing grey tile in the shower so I wanted to add to the different tones of grey and black and white by painting this rack a darker grey. I took it off the wall (opened all my windows) and put it down on my painting tarp to prepare it for its transformation.

I got this primer/paint that works on metal and wood at Janovic for only $8.

I sprayed it with two coats to make sure that I got all nooks in the wicker. Here is the pattern that it made on the tarp.

Here it is! Look how fresh and clean it looks with a new color on it.

Close up glamour shot. Now I need to figure out what to put in that cute Mason jar.

Next on my list for my bathroom is the shower curtain. The Hold Everything shower curtain that I've had for 3 years has faded and isn't fitting in the new bathroom. Here is what I have on order from Ballard Design!

Alicia B.


Lauren said...

looks great!!!! love the gray

Robin said...

It is amazing what paint can do! I love the shower curtain choice, and I suggest cotton balls for the mason jar.

disastress said...

bath salts. done and done. or laundry detergent for hand washing 'delicates'

Down Comforter said...

Big improvement on the shelf - good job :)