Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alicia B. Is Back!

Hey y'all! I'm back! After basically being buried in boxes and a huge mess in my new apartment (and avoiding a nervous breakdown from the mess) I have emerged, and I'm back in action. I will be posting before and during pictures sometime tonight as I still have some on going projects such as finishing up painting, hanging my art, and other odds and ends. I also now know that I have a bit of a storage issue (I have one closet for clothing and too much clothing) so I'm on the hunt for a chest of drawers for my foyer. I KNOW, foyer!!! I'm absolutely in love with this one (below) but it is very much out of my price range.

From Garnet Hill for $1098.

This is EXACLY what I would want; white distressed paint with a sort of farmhouse look to it. In my foyer, I have a huge BOX of fabrics and ribbons and other design slash craft supplies that I'd love to get organized. I'm thinking that I'll just have to go the Housing works Thrift shop route, or the Flea Market...we'll see. Any ideas for my mini budget?

Thanks for everyone's kind and encouraging words as moving is extremely stressful. Now that I'm in though, the rest is going to be pretty fun--organizing, painting, arranging. I"ll update you as I go along. So glad to be back!

Alicia B.


anusha said...

hey hey.. welcome back.

Down Comforter said...

I would also keep an eye out on Craigslist - you can find some great used furniture on there sometimes :)