Monday, February 2, 2009

Yurt Alert

Cute little yurt in the snow.

Does anybody know what a yurt is? Well, I just found out recently. A yurt is a round structure, built as a home, that is very environmentally friendly. Since it is round in structure, it doesn't use very many materials; just the walls and the roof. On the inside, the air flows easily as it is round and you can divide up the space inside as you please with walls and partitions. Take a look. I thought it was crazy at first (kinda still do) but I'm coming around.

This was featured in the late and great Domino magazine. Very chill bohemian look here which I think encapsulates the yurt perfectly. I like the light walls with the trellis pattern, too.

This is a custom one from Mindful Living. I think it looks quite cool at night with all the exposed beams.

Don't pay too much attention to the interior design aspect of this one but just the architecture. The walls are all curved as well as the counter to mirror that curve.

You can pretty much do whatever you like with these! This one is a rustic style in two stories. It really blends in with the woods and looks like it is easily built into the side of a hill without destroying the landscape and using tons of cement!

This one looks quite large and it looks like the space is divided up by using rugs to designate a purpose to each area.

This is a floor plan from Mindful Living of an uber custom designed yurt. You can really accommodate a lot of people too; these aren't just for nomads as they started out to be!

To see more of these you should check out Mindful Living. They do a lot of custom designs: multiple stories, longer layouts, etc. I can't see myself living in one of these, but I see the point of them. Sustainable living is very important, especially in lean times such as these. Also, if you order one, they take less than a day to build! This should satisfy people with a need for instant gratification! Pics are all from Mindful Living, Pacific Yurts and

Alicia B.


Raina said...

I can't get past the name.

Designers' Brew said...

I WAS JUST GOING TO POST ABOUT WHAT A GREAT WORD YURT IS. And that was all I had to say. Sorry for caps lock; I get excited by continual proof that Raina and I share a brain.

Also, I tagged you! A photo meme! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

anusha said...

great post. very informative.

Raina said...

Yeah, NerF, but yours has better shoes.


erin@designcrisis said...

Yurt sounds like a nickname for the abominable snowman.

Anyway, love these.

Anonymous said...

Aren't these a poor use of space though? How much furniture that is useful is curved? The dorms Morse and Ezra Stiles at Yale also have no right angles on the verticals and they are a real pain.

Down Comforter said...

What a cool & interesting place! Thanks for the pics :)