Sunday, June 7, 2009

Alicia B. Housewarming!

Baked Brie with Fig preserves is my favorite! Food Photo Blog.

Over the weekend I had a molto fun Housewarming Party! I was surrounded by some of my favorite people in the entire world and yum food, which made the party a grand success! Here is a little rundown of the party.

I made a simple tomato and basil bruschetta which set off the smoke alarm a few times EVEN THOUGH I did not burn them. No smoke whatsoever!

Former roommate and bff brought me these gorgeous flowers which added lots of height to a certain corner of the room. Thanks!

The summery cocktail of the evening was pink lemonade vodka and a strawberry garnish! Yum!

I made these great brownie bites from my great grandmother's recipe. Don't they look so pretty with the strawberries? I KNOW.

And fellow blogger and friend Anusha from Nush Designs Blog brought me this gorgeous Indian wall hanging. I haven't found the right parts to hang it but I think it would look amazing in my front hall foyer. The colors would be perfect!

After much preparation to my home and for the party itself it was great to enjoy it. Thanks everyone who came--I had way too much fun.

Alicia B.


jessica said...

you mean broxmies? <3

Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

Everything looks so yummy! I really want to try the cocktail :)

disastress said...

awww. wait... no pics of anyone in your tub??? BLAM.

anusha said...

aww that is so sweet. I am so glad you loved the wall hanging. thanks for the invite.