Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Too Crewel

This summery crewel pillow is from Etsy Seller, Tuttie Lou for only $45!

One of my anonymous commenters (who has yet to man up and get a real name) asked the other day what crewel was. Well, i thought it would be a great opp to show off some amazing crewelwork interiors! Crewel is a style of embroidery usually made with wool threads on cotton or linen and depicting flowers, plants, or vines (but not always). It has a traditional/country sort of connotation but came back as a trend about a year ago. Personally, I love it. I think it can be very elegant and demonstrates amazing craftsmanship.

This duvet and sham is available from Williams Sonoma Home in this nice natural color on a cream background. Maybe I need to switch up my bedspread...

This bright and lively interior is by Todd Romano and he used this incredible crewel work piece as a wall hanging. Crewel work was made a lot by women around the time of the American Revolution so there are many pieces around such as this one.

I adore this room that I found in AD by Suzanne Tucker and I think it's because of the rug but it MIGHT just be because of the crewel fabric (by Travers) used on the slipper chair. I'd just like to point out though that this fabric can be used with modern elements too such as the paintings over the bed.

Another room by Suzanne Tucker (I knew I liked her), she used Lee Jofa crewel fabric on these two chairs flanking the large white sofa. I think the only thing in this room I like are the chairs though and I nearly blacked out in horror over the mirrored wall/screen. Sorry Suzanne.

I remembered this great post that Eddie Ross did on crewel fabric HERE and this one really stood out to me because it was on a dark background. How gorgeous is this?

If I can't get a crewel duvet, I might get a throw pillow or something for my bed. I'm such a pillow lover, sometimes there are more pillows on my bed, than actual bed! HA. This YUM looking bed is from Country Living.

As I think about this more, I believe I had a rocking chair in my room growing up with crewel fabric and I used to complain that it was too scratchy for me. Well, I think I've gotten over that and I'm ready to try again. ALSO, if anyone can figure out the movie soundtrack reference of the title of this post...well, I'll be impressed. HINT: The star of the movie just had twins!


Alicia B.


Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

Really great examples :) I especially love the Williams Sonoma bedding & the chairs in the Suzanne Tucker photo.

Diana said...

A designer friend gave me a lovely piece of wool crewel. Very vintage. Your post inspires me to get out the machine and do some pillow covers.

Alicia said...

Crewel is fabulous. Via ebay I found a company in India that ships & my goodness direct is cheaper.
Being near the end of no spending June, I'm hoping the pillow will be there on July first.
Thanks for the heads up.