Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I hate on rain

SO at this point in the "Summer" I'm pretty much over the rain. I hate rain gear even though I have cute polka dotted wellies, a trench coat and a pretty pink umbrella. I think by now we should just go ahead and embrace the rain and then maybe it will go away. Worth a shot.
Marc Jacobs loud graphic print umbrella from Nordstrom for 37.50

How cute is this happy little panda umbrella? From the Conran Shop.

Classic Hunter wellies from Shopbop for $115.

Feminine preppy Sperry Topsiders from Piperlime for 60.50 look great for jumping in puddles.

For the equestrian, these chic rain boots are a different change of pace from the polka dots. From Ralph Lauren for $395.

Butterflies! Kinda makes you happy to use an umbrella, huh? Coach for $148.

I love yellow and I love polka dots. J. Crew can do no wrong with these. $49.50

You know when you bring an umbrella and it doesn't rain? It's a proven fact. So, if we all go out and get lots of wellies etc, then the sun will come out. Plus, spending money helps stimulate the economy I'm told.

Alicia B.


Alicia said...

I love the rain!!!!! It feeds my veggie & flower gardens, puddles can be fun & theres something soothing about the sounds.
Mind you sunshine is fab too!! One days all I need after that its a bit depressing.

Alicia B. Designs said...

Oh i totally agree! Rain can be fun but i have had it up to hear (hand is above head) with it! I want sun.

nicolette said...

Rain is totally worth it! Especially in the hot summer season, they are usually a refreshing change. Of course, if I can use umbrellas like those, it would be even better!


Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

I look at rain as a necessary evil - just not a fan. But, these items you found can make the best of it :)

karly / design crisis said...

Oh, I wish i had a need for all that cute gear! It won't rain a single drop here and my yard is not very happy about it