Thursday, June 4, 2009

Small Spaces for a rainy day.

This apartment is only 400 SF! The designer, Anu Suebsawangkul used mostly white and black to make the space look bigger! Point Click Home.

It's been a terribly long time since I've written about small spaces. Since I live in NYC I'm very familiar with living in less than 800 square feet and am learning how to make my apartment seem bigger than it really is. My main principle is to make the most of the space by way of strategically arranging furniture, scale, and storage.

This mini 47 square metres home is free from clutter. The book cases are definitely full and I think the repeating ceiling beams expand the space a lot. Marie Claire Maison.

Another funky space from Marie Claire Maison. I love these stairs but I'd be afraid to climb them. This space has more clutter but less furniture and things that take up space. Keep it simple.

A lot of attic spaces have pitched ceilings so built in bed is a smart and cozy idea! From Coastal Living. Also, aren't you dying over the white painted wide planked floors? I am.

In this super small entry way, the designer put a day bed and storage underneath to hid clutter and make good/comfortable use of the space! Cottage Living.

You wouldn't guess this for a MOMENT but this space is 95 square feet! This is Garrow Kedigian's amazing little room from the Kip's Bay 2009 Showhouse. The Greek key motif throughout the room and the lines created by the moulding expand this space.

Another shot of this amazing room. I LOVE it! From Habitually Chic.

I love living in a tiny apartment. All the places in my apt are cozy and special. I will be excited to live in a giant farmhouse one way and have a large wooden trestle table and Orkney chairs but for now, I'm enjoying getting creative with my mini space.

Alicia B.


nicolette said...

The way the rooms are designed, they don't seem small at all. They look like the perfect size for the theme around theme. Also, love the unique furniture ideas.


Raina said...

The Coastal Living bedroom is a clever use of space.

Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

Some really great photos! I just love the attic space from Coastal Living :)

micheal said...

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