Monday, June 1, 2009

Clerestory Story Time

Traditional Home. Look to the left to avoid the TV over the mantle (ugh) to the clerestory windows!

A very loyal reader asked me yesterday what clerestory windows were. For those of you who didn't have a proper art history education, clerestory windows, which originate in churches, are a narrow band of windows placed up high, to let light in from above. Here are some great ones that I found in residences, not churches.

This is from the Golf Digest Showhouse by Suzanne Kasler. If you can get past the astro-turf patch, there are gorgeous clerestory windows in the kitchen. The kitchen is a great place for them if you don't have an amazing view from your sink or you want privacy but still want light to come in, then these are perfect!

The light that streams in from these windows is so beautiful/ethereal. By Suzanne Kasler.

These next two are used as decorative elements on the interior of the room. This bathroom was designed by Robert Young for Traditional Home. These windows let you know that there is another room behind those slatted doors.

By Phoebe Howard, these almond shaped clerestory windows are placed above closets and add a great architectural element to the room.

These are more reminiscent of a church setting, as the windows are placed very high, and the ceiling is slightly pitched. By Christopher Coffin.

There are so many different kinds of windows out there so it can be confusing. I love clerestory windows because they remind me of my early days in art history classes, which eventually led me to interior design. Sigh.

Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Alicia B! These are a beautiful touch! Are they related to glass block or other ways of getting light into the interior of a building?

Down Pillow said...

Some great illustrative examples - thanks for the tutorial :)

Alicia said...

Could those Phoebe Howard closets be anymore charming??
Always loved clerestories. Private light.

Robin said...

That last room is gorgeous, I could move right in.

And thanks for the art history reminder.

Things That Inspire said...

Very interesting post, and love the images!

So, if the room with the tv above the fireplace were yours, where would you put the tv?