Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Next time you're in Bethlehem CT...

You definitely have to go and visit the Bellamy Ferriday House. It is a historical house that was lived in by two different families, Reverend Bellamy, and the Ferriday Family (especially Miss Caroline Ferriday). The house was modest in parts but extremely beautiful architecturally and design-wise. Unfortunately our borderline uptight guide forbid us from taking pictures but I was equally intrigued by Miss Caroline's life! Take a look at the photos that I was able to take of the exterior and the gorgeous gardens...

This is the front of this gorgeous home. Swoon.

I was obsessed with this little doorway between the house and the annex. It leads to the backyard garden. So romantic with the ivy hanging over it.

Great barn/shed in the side yard.

This is our guide, leading us around to the side entrance and then ruining my fun of taking pictures. Boo.

Oh my GAWD all this Greek Revival architecture is making my heart soar. This was on the side and it used to have a porte cochere attached but Miss Caroline had it removed to look more like the original house.

This is from the garden in the back of the house. How gorgeous are those bay windows? They were a later addition on the house, I believe by Mrs Ferriday.

Fox Gloves were all over the perimeter of the garden in purples and greens!

A pink peony.

This is a beheaded version of me posing with some flowers in the garden!

Miss Caroline Ferriday was an amazing woman, especially for her time and was so daring for a woman of her stature (precious). She was a philanthropist, an actress, a gardener, and was extremely instrumental in aiding a group of women WWII Ravensbruck survivors. Read more about this amazing lady HERE. She also kept an apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan!

Alicia B.


jessica said...

blade hands!

Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

Beautiful exterior - I'd really love to see inside :)

Robin said...

I'm tardy - just catching up on my blog reading, but wanted to say I've been here and to a few other CT Landmarks properties and they are all lovely. We are so lucky to have them to take care of these beautiful houses and preserve the stories of the interesting people who lived there. And lucky me, I live across the street from their Butler-McCook House in Hartford.

Alicia B. Designs said...

That's the one that got hit by a car, yes? My parents are always talking about that one and I really should visit it one of these weekends! How lucky are you to live near it!?