Monday, June 29, 2009

A Great Makeover

Everyone loves a good makeover. Whether it's a tired rundown 40 year old mother of 3 on one of those TLC shows, or a tired rundown living room, people love to see a successful before and after. My latest favorite is one that I saw in House Beautiful by Jonathan Rosen. I've always loved his work, and I even did a blog post about him a few months ago HERE! Here is a one day makeover he did on this lucky woman's living room--oh I forgot to mention everyone loves instant gratification, too.

Here is the boring average mess that he started with.

He used mostly what his client already had by taking things he found in other rooms that would work better in other places, or rearranging the pieces in the room already.

The most fun part is to see his process; to see how he is thinking through his next change/improvement and then to see the result. Amazing!

He did do a wee bit of shopping. William Wayne is one of my favorite places too! Check out their website asap.

Voila! Look how much more fresh this room is now! Jonathan rearranged some furniture, brought in pieces from other rooms, and added some that he purchased and this room is completely transformed.

Nothing like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to add life to a room. I just adore those sconces though over the fireplace--the scale is PERFECT.

Check out the whole article in House Beautiful and the 69 pics of Jonathan Rosen in action! After visiting his website many a-time and finding it "under construction" I tried one last time and OMG my wish came true--his website is finally up! Thanks!

Alicia B.


Alicia said...

This was my second fav pieces behind Miles' rooms. It went from staid to stately all with a bit of cash & a ton of rearranging. This is why everyone needs to hire a designer if only to refreshen for one ot two days.

Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

It is a great makeover - the room looks so fresh & open. And, it's nice to see that he used a lot of the owner's existing pieces instead of purchasing all new items.